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Whether you are already familiar with us, heard about us through the grapevine, or you just arrived by mistake—it is a privilege to present our music and be able to share a little piece of our hearts and minds with you.  We hope you enjoy!

Motion Pictures is a six piece rock and roll band from Raleigh, NC, and was formed in 2009.  Our first studio effort, a five-song, self-titled EP, was released in 2012 and showcases our many influences from all genres of music.  The self-titled and self-produced release contains a diverse mix of melodic and thoughtful rock and roll.  From catchy hooks on “Rock ‘n’ Roll Radiate” to dark tones and vivid imagery on “Mean Old Man,” you can hear many of our influences channeled into our original tunes.

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For a quick summary of Motion Pictures, check out this MotionPictures-OneSheet2014.pdf